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Father Alo writes ...

BE A GOOD HOST (Luke 24:13-35)

We are all familiar with the story of the two disciples of Jesus on their way to Emmaus, who are frustrated with the fact that their master Jesus was crucified. My past reflections and homilies on this story, were always focused on how Jesus was trying to make them aware of his presence, and yet they were so slow to understand those signs and his words.

In my reflection this weekend, the focus is still on Jesus, but I would like to explore some good attitudes of the disciples. I would like to begin by imagining the feelings they carried along with them on their journey. Probably they were sad, disappointed, hopeless, helpless, no future, wasting time to be with Jesus for few years, etc. In the midst of their frustration they still showed good things. First, they would like to go in pairs, so that they can help one another in that very difficult situation. Secondly, they were able to express their desire and disappointment with a “stranger Jesus” and thirdly, they showed their hospitality and generosity by inviting Jesus to stay with them. In short, we could say that even though they were so distressed, they still could show their very best to others.

We are also in a difficult situation caused by the corona virus pandemic. We can be very frustrated, but we should keep convincing ourselves that we are good people. In the middle of distress, maybe we need to find someone to talk to and be open up to as much as we can. That will help us to understand our own frustration; and BE A GOOD HOST for Jesus. In times when you are at home, invite him to listen to you, and even during meal time, invite him to have meal with you. He will certainly bring you joy, enthusiasm and hope for a better future.

Have a blessed Sunday.


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