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Father Alo writes ...

“Easter in the Midst of Corona Pandemic”

Corona pandemic has changed the world. Personally, I can say that it has changed the way I feel, think and relate on a personal level as well as my ministry. I and probably some of you have experienced that we are “trapped” staying at home. Our movement is limited. Are we really trapped? Physically maybe yes, and it could cause our mental and spiritual wellbeing. I personally don’t feel too much of being “trapped”. The following are some points that I have learnt from this “abnormal situation”.

1. I’ve come to be aware that I am not the boss of my own life. I am not in control of my own life. I’ve come to realize that I have some limitations. I need others and OTHERS to journey with me.

2. The limitation brought me to admire people’s presence, abilities, expertise and talents. When I say “live-streaming” Mass, I need people to help me to set it up and broadcast it. My homilies online were not just appreciated by people but people are not reluctant to correct and give me feedback, that helps me to improve my understanding of the things I say. I have received many phones calls of parishioners asking “how I am” as well as offering their support. I’ve come to be more appreciative of others’ presence.

3. I feel closer and more united to the parishioners with regular communication such phone calls, Facebook, emails and WhatsApp groups.

4. I spend more time in prayer and reading. I visit the Blessed Sacrament for thirty minutes to an hour a day in the afternoon or evening, just to sit there and enjoy God’s presence while thinking about you all.

5. Finally, there is a desire to meet all of you personally.

Let us celebrate the resurrection of Christ and our own resurrection in a new way and understanding. Personally I would like to summarise what I said above by saying that the RESURRECTION is not only about celebrating the Lord’s passion and resurrection, but also it is a celebration of my own limitations, trusting that others (you all) and God are blessings for me. In a way I feel I am being united with you, and in prayer I can feel God’s presence and your presence. This pandemic has helped me to come to a new understanding of the resurrection. I hope you also have a meaningful Eater Celebration at home. Happy Easter. I love you all.


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