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Join our Parish App groups

OLR parish has established two WhatsApp groups to provide everyone an opportunity to better connect and socialise with other parishioners. We are fortunate to have a vibrant and wonderful parish community with lots of families. WhatsApp also helps connect parishioners that attend different mass times that rarely see or meet each other except on special celebrations. Hence, we encourage as many parishioners as possible to join one or both groups to get in the loop on all the great things that we do in our parish and in the process form a stronger sense of community for ourselves and our children.

OLR Parish Community (80 current members)

A WhatsApp group for our entire parish! Promotes a welcoming family friendly parish, connecting with each other through faith and the local community.

Primary focus is to share news that may be relevant to all parishioners including liturgical celebrations, fundraisers, community events, and other relevant newsworthy items. It is not a chat forum.

OLR Fishermen (50 current members)

Our Lady of the Rosary Parish male community🙎🏽‍♂. An opportunity for male parishioners to get to know those that sit around us in church. We meet quarterly for a social fun night out at the Doncaster after Saturday 6pm mass.

How to connect with our OLR community? Scan the QR code above with your mobile phone. Alternatively, send a Text Message to Jock Marmotta with your name requesting to join, or see Jock after 9:30am mass.

or contact Jock Marmotta 0412 116 133


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