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Though gathering restriction and social distancing rule might make this year's Mother's Day a little bit different for many families, we would like to celebrate and acknowledge the very special women in our lives, being our mothers, grandmothers, god-mothers, mother in-laws and all women who have loved us like a mother.

OLR Parish Kensington, would like to invite you to celebrate Mother's Day 2020 with a special photographic presentation dedicated to all mother's in our life.  The presentation will be played on Sunday, 10 May 2020 at 9.30am Mass, and shared online via YouTube and Facebook.

This year our theme is 'Togetherness'  - how you spend time with your loved ones during this isolation, e.g exercising together, baking together, etc; or it can also be photo of you and your 'mum' doing things together (that you miss so much) before isolation. To participate, please upload a photo of you and your mum, or your wife and your children (Yes Dad we need your help, thanks!), grandmother, great grandmother or special mother figure in your life - no later than COB Friday, 8 May 2020.

Please note that by uploading the photo you are consenting to have the photo to be published online via YouTube and Facebook. 

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